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Dominant Finance – Something BIG on the Horizon!

There's a new life-changer in the block friends.

We all crave for that moment to dominate our world, our finances, and businesses with total freedom and happiness.

One of the secrets to success is identifying a real opportunity to build wealth passively and going there. You must be intentional if you want to succeed!

I’ve been looking for new business opportunities to increase diversification in my investment portfolio.

During my research, I came across a company that has started on 27th July this year.

Dominant Finance

Investment Opportunity

Dominant Finance employs two professional crypto traders from Russia and Germany that carry out trades on the four most significant crypto exchanges and can achieve approx. 15% monthly profit on mid-size deposits. All trades will be published on the official website of the company with screenshots from exchanges.

Large deposits will be used to form altcoin portfolios based on different investment trading strategies. Profits will be reviewed and fixed on a monthly basis. All these operations will be demonstrated and explained by traders via screenshots, videos, and webinars.

Dominant Finance has issued a security fund of 1.000.000$ (250.000$ for every exchange) in cash to guarantee loss compensations to its clients.

For the company to start working with customer’s crypto assets, those assets have to be created first. Therefore Dominant Finance has created four investment plans that serve as investment pools which will be formed in different stages. Funds collected by these pools will be used to purchase mining equipment.

Dominant Finance already owns a test mining farm in Sweden with 200 mining rigs. All customer miners will be installed in Moscow.

How to verify the Dominant Finance mining farm?

1. Step: Register in the company owned online chat room:


Attention: You can’t use your Dominant Finance login details. Please create a new account that will be disconnected from your Dominant Finance account.

2. Step: Make a comment in the chat room and click on the webcam link below:


Now you will find your comment on the big screen that is located in the farm.

This is just one way to confirm that this farm belongs to Dominant Finance.


This investment package includes an investment pool worth 8.000$ to start a GPU farm consisting of 6 high-performance graphics cards GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.

  • Investment: 10$ to 8.000$

  • Investment period: 400 days

  • Daily profit: 0.26% to 0.46%

  • Monthly profit: 8% to 14%

  • Overall profit: 104% to 186%


This investment package includes an investment pool worth 10.000$ to start a GPU farm consisting of 8 high-performance graphic cards GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.

  • Investment: 50$ to 10.000$

  • Investment period: 400 days

  • Daily profit: 0.30% to 0.53%

  • Monthly profit: 9% to 16%

  • Overall profit: 120% to 214%


This investment package includes an investment pool worth 15.000$ to start an ASIC farm consisting of 5 high-performance ASIC miners Antminer S9-13.5TH/s from Bitmain (most known manufacturer of mining equipment).

  • Investment: 100$ to 15.000$

  • Investment period: 400 days

  • Daily profit: 0.33% to 0.60%

  • Monthly profit: 10% to 18%

  • Overall profit: 132% to 240%


This is an individual offer to customers that are willing to invest 30.000$ into the profitable mining business.

  • Investment: 30.000$

  • Investment period: 400 days

  • Daily profit: 0.36% to 0.66%

  • Monthly profit: 11% to 20%

  • Overall profit: 144% to 266%

All profits will be accrued daily and can be withdrawn weekly (15:00 CET on Sunday)

Currencies accepted: EUR, RUR, USD, BTC, ETH, ZEC, BCH, DASH, XRP, LTC

Let’s review a hypothetical example to help you understand how much you can earn:

Let’s say you have 1,000 USD that you want to invest. With that amount, you have the power of choice: Crypton, Altpool, and Dominant. You will have to choose whatever is available to be invested in. The company can’t build an unlimited amount of mining rigs. That’s why the number of available pools will be limited.

Let’s assume that you’ve been lucky and were able to secure a slot in the DOMINANT pool. Your potential daily profits will vary from 0.33% to 0.60%. Let’s say 0,50% in average (for simplification reasons).

With the average daily profit of 0.50%, you will reach break even after 200 days (meaning that you will get your initial investment back). The remaining 200 days you will be receiving a pure profit. With this particular example, you will earn 200% in 400 days. Well, this doesn’t consider the natural currency growth. If you invested with crypto, you could add the cryptocurrency growth on top.


The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 USD, and the withdrawal fee is 2%. However, you can save some of the withdrawal fees if you put your earned money up for sale on the company owned exchange.

You can sell your balance to other users and save withdrawal fees. Let’s say you sell with a fee of 1%. You save 1%. This 1% will be added to the deposit from the buyer.

Legal Aspects

To be able to operate globally Dominant Finance will be represented in five different countries according to the local law. The global footprint will look as follows:

  • International Business Company in Belize

  • Private Limited Company in the UK

  • Limited Company in Hong Kong

  • Limited Liability Company in the USA

  • OOO in Russia

Main Advantages

  • Company registration in five different legal zones: Belize, UK, Hong Kong, USA, Russia

  • Company bank accounts in two countries: Switzerland (CIM Bank), Cyprus (Bank of Cyprus)

  • Insurance fund worth 1.000.000$ – which will be used to compensate customers in case of losses during the first year of operation

  • Real-time mining: you can watch all mining equipment through a web camera. You can view the online chat through the web camera and see your comments. Please see below the first picture the CEO sent me.

This is the CEO of Dominant Finance, Thomas Eklundh, showing the big screen that is located in the mining farm. A webcam will film this screen that investors can watch live. That screen will display the official Dominant Finance investor’s chat.

Here you see that some work is going on to set up the mining farm:

Dominant Finance branded ASIC Antminers S9-13.5TH/s:

A short walk around through the farm by the CEO Thomas Eklundh:

  • Very transparent payout statistics: You will be able to track how much cryptocurrency your mining equipment has generated.

  • Crypto asset management: Dominant Finance will publish every buy and sell operation. So you will be able to see real results at a given period.

Affiliate Program

Apart from the unilevel affiliate system that will offer from 4% to 16% affiliate commission, there will be some additional incentives offered:

  • Branded representative office in your city.

  • Professional Bitcoin miner Antminer S9-13.5 TH/s

  • GPU rig for altcoin mining at home

  • VIP tickets to the leadership congress 2019

  • Luxury tour to Dubai for two (All-Inclusive)

  • Luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Rolls-Royce

  • Competition “Race of Diamonds” that helps you win a sports car Mercedes-Benz AMG or other makes

Other Features

  • There will be email and SMS notification for every transaction you will carry out in your back office. All notifications can be customized!

  • Professional call center in two languages (Russian and English).

  • Ten promotional videos showing the Dominant Finance team and the main facilities.

  • 80 of the most engaged affiliate partners will receive their personal and individual promotional package. These promotional packages will include Dominant Finance branded marketing materials and promotional items.

This is the information I was able to secure so far. Please also watch my video for more details:

The insights and essential details about Dominant Finance will personally explain by the person who gives you this information.

If you have questions, please contact the person who passes you this opportunity.

Best regards,


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